Mutant: Year Zero – Zone Wars Core Set

649.00 kr

Ålder: 14+
Antal spelare: 1-2
Speltid: 60-120 min

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Stake out your claim in the post-apocalyptic wasteland – or die trying.

Lead a band of mutant Stalkers into the Zone and fight others to scavenge artifacts from the Ancients. Zone Wars is a fast and furious game of tabletop skirmishes set in the beloved Mutant: Year Zero universe.

Designed to be played by up to four players, Zone Wars is all about embracing mayhem and emergent narrative to create a fun and fast-flowing experience. The the two core sets include miniatures, paper terrain, rules, cards, dice and more. No assembly needed!

Zone Wars is compatible with the Mutant: Year Zero tabletop RPG – bring your favorite roleplaying character onto the battlefield, or continue the Zone Wars scenarios in the RPG. Zone Wars is designed by Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Dropzone Commander) and Tomas Härenstam (Mutant: Year Zero, ALIEN RPG, Twilight: 2000, Blade Runner RPG, Dragonbane).

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