Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

419.00 kr

Ålder: 12+
Antal spelare: 2-8
Speltid: 20-45 min

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A mysterious alien plague has crept aboard the spacestation and is transforming the human crew into horrendous monsters! The remaining crewmen desperately try to save their lives by escaping from the derelict spaceship, but in the darkness the aliens are lurking…


This a game of strategy and bluff set on a badly damaged deep space research station. Each player’s identity and position is kept secret: you will need to interpret the movements and behaviours of the other players to learn where, and what, they really are.

The Ultimate Edition of this critically acclaimed game features new rules and components, including unique reusable map books with 8 different game maps, variable character powers and over 90 cards.

“Absolutely, fantastically fun to play” – The Dice Tower, Tom Vasel

“A splendid, glorious liar’s convention” – Shut Up & Sit Down

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space trailer på Santa Ragione’s YouTube-kanal:


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