Ork! The Roleplaying Game, 2nd Edition

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Speltid: 30+ min

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From publisher blurb:

Shut up! You am Ork!

Enter the bone-cracking World of Orkness with Ork: The Roleplaying Game. This new edition is the standalone, streamlined roleplaying game of orkish mayhem: a “beer and pretzels” game where monstrous, hilarious adventure matters more than rules and tables.

Claw your way out of the Gunk Pit, earn your name with acts of spectacular violence, and bring terror to the Squishy Man villages in the name of Almighty Krom. Includes a blood-soaked combat system, other, lesser rules, and a complete series of adventures to take your orks from nameless youth to sharp-toothed, unholy terrors–if you can avoid the wrath of Krom.

Being a monster has never been such fun!


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